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Tim Lovejoy Hair Update

Taken from Tim’s lovejoy.co.uk website

I’ve been using Unthin for a little under 5 months now and thought it’d be best to share some of my progress and experience with you lot, after all, that’s what this site is for.

(I’ll be having a chat with the guys at Unthin soon to discuss the product, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in finding out more about hair growth solutions).

First of all, I want to be clear, I don’t mind having a shaved head. But! I do think it would be excellent to have more hair to shave and the option of grieving it.

Through the process, I have not had any side effects from the spray and it’s pretty easy to use. Just apply 6 sprays in the morning and 6 sprays at night. Simple.

The progress, to begin with, was slow, but I had been told this was going to be the case. Around the 3 month mark I started to see a difference. Not only did it feel like there was more hair up there, but the original hair felt thicker and stronger (something I wasn’t expecting!)

I’m now coming up to the 5 month period, and progress has slowed down a little. I got in touch with the guys at Unthin again, and they told me: “Yes, that’s to be expected around the 4-month mark. We tend to see good growth, a slow period and then another bloom.Fingers crossed!

I’ve posted a couple of photos below, showing you a before and after so that you can judge the progress for yourself. I’ll also continue to keep you updated.

Left – Before. Right – After.

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