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Hair Loss Treatment Spray

Our Pharmacist-approved Treatment Spray combines the most common treatments for reversing hair loss on the market (Finasteride and Minoxidil); reducing DHT (the main cause of male hair loss) while at the same time re-energising blood flow to hair follicles to encourage regrowth.

The Treatment Spray is a suitable treatment for common male hair loss patterns: thinning, receding hairlines and balding at the crown.

A 180 Day Money Back Guarantee is available on this subscription. Click here for more details.


9/10 men

Monthly delivery:

1 bottle


6 sprays, twice daily

£20 for the first month

£40 per month thereafter / Easy to cancel subscription

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Success Stories

Michael, 30

“My girlfriend commented on how thick my hair is now - the before and after photos are crazy.”

James, 34

“I was a bit apprehensive to order, but I've been using Unthin for a few months now and my crown has made a full recovery; back to full thickness and coverage.”

Andrew, 55

“I've been using it for 3 months and it’s definitely helped and improved the strength of my existing hair in a short period of time.”

Harry, 47

“It's month 7, and I have a lot more growth and my hair is much thicker in areas that were previously thinning. My hair loss has stopped!”

It's easy to get started

Short questionnaire

By answering a few medical questions, our registered clinicians will check that the treatment is suitable for you: the first step in your journey to reversing hair loss.

Free, discreet delivery

Your delivery will arrive in discreet plain packaging, and delivery is always free. Also, it will slip straight through your letterbox, so you don't need to be in to receive it!

Best results

Simply spray 6 times on your scalp and massage in, twice a day for the best results. Our registered clinicians will send you a box monthly to ensure hair regrowth success.

Treatment plan

Twice daily spray that increases hair growth and helps to undo hair loss.


9/10 men


Minoxidil & Finasteride

Delivery frequency:

1 bottle a month

£20 for the first month

£40 per month / Easy to cancel subscription
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“Experiencing hair loss? Press ‘Get Started’ and we'll see if Unthin is suitable for you.”Roger Compton, Superintendent Pharmacist

What to expect

1-2 months

It’s unlikely you’ll see a change in your hair during the first 1-2 months. However, during this time, some fine hairs may shed to make way for thicker, fuller growth.

3-6 months

It should now be obvious that your hair loss has slowed, stopped or even started to reverse. We recommend taking photos to track your journey.

6 months+

Hair loss should now have slowed considerably and you will likely also notice regrowth of your hair, we recommend taking more photos to document growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pharmacist checked & approved

“Every single order is checked by a registered Pharmacist to ensure that our Treatment Spray is suitable for you.”

Roger Compton, Superintendent Pharmacist

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