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DHT Hair Growth Cycle Hair Loss Treatments

Your Questions, Answered – by our Superintendent Pharmacist, Roger

We know that embarking on a hair regrowth journey comes with questions. That’s why our Superintendent Pharmacist, Roger Compton is here to provide you with clarity and insight into Unthin’s treatment spray and the remarkable process of hair regrowth.   Q1: How Does Unthin Work? Unthin’s treatment spray combines two powerhouse ingredients – Minoxidil and […]

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DHT Hair Growth Cycle Hair Loss MPB Treatments

What You Need to Know About Hair Loss

We examine everything you need to know about hair loss, the science, causes, and treatments available.

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Hair Growth Cycle Hair Loss MPB

The Hair Growth Cycle Explained

It’s a long and complicated process, but don’t worry, we’ve unpacked the key stages of the hair life-cycle process for you.

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